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Using Keynote during your design process
March 24, 2014

Using keynote as an organizer for your thoughts during the design process: Create an outline or screen inventory towards the story…

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The career of a modern designer.
February 4, 2014

Sitting in a kick-off meeting, little tedious, sometimes steals your energy. Simultaneously reading email, IMing, listening to the client, giving feedback….

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Creating an “Architecture of Participation”
January 28, 2014

This past Thursday I was fortunate to hear Bill Taylor of Fast Company speak at the Charleston Chamber of Commerce annual…

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Balancing what’s important
March 12, 2013

Here’s to the big changes that fundamentally make you shift your life and try to balance what’s important. With the arrival…

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SPARC520 goes public TechCrunch (or deep thoughts on collaboration in design)
July 12, 2012

This last year at SPARC has been a pretty trans-formative experience for me. As someone who is use to designing everything,…

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Design vs Organizing
November 3, 2010

New habit: try and read an interesting design article with lunch.  Site like, or have great conent, and…

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Good finds on a Wednesday
March 3, 2010

Every once in a while, you hit up something pretty cool over your lunch break reading. Today was two in a…

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