The career of a modern designer.

Sitting in a kick-off meeting, little tedious, sometimes steals your energy. Simultaneously reading email, IMing, listening to the client, giving feedback. Occasionally thinking how lucky I am to be in this room, in this conversation, & what/who we’re designing the software we’re creating. Don Draper now builds software for a living. Clicking through the email […]

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Design vs Organizing

New habit: try and read an interesting design article with lunch.  Site like, or have great conent, and are not always conventionally about design. Came across this interview with James Victore yesterday. Points such as work is work – get it done and get out, and using traditional sketching methods were interesting. […]

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Good finds on a Wednesday

Every once in a while, you hit up something pretty cool over your lunch break reading. Today was two in a row, both dealing w/ design and css-3 properties I wasn’t completely familiar with. Rotation in css-3. Or moreso it’s application in a baddass little poster experiment: And a sweet read on typograpy using […]

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