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Designing Office Propaganda
March 24, 2016

When I hear something said worth capturing, or read something foundational, I’m capturing it into a poster to stare back at us.

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Agile Design for 18F Development Challenge
August 6, 2015

18F is an government contracting agency that acts more like a tech start-up than a traditional government agency.  They introduced a short…

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User Experience: the barrier-to-entry for better healthcare software
March 6, 2015

As a design team, we have unknowingly become an expert in designing the user experience for healthcare software. Intended or not, many of our  projects focus…

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Always be creating value – Or my evolving role as design director in a start-up.
November 19, 2014

I have the best, and scariest, job in the world. When I’m doing my job right, everyone else is busy and I…

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Re-thinking app design
September 24, 2014

Our design team was recently called to re-think the design of our mobile app. It’s grown quickly – so before committing more code,…

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Successful software starts with a Design Assessment
September 10, 2014

Lack of a cohesive product design is the quickest killer of a software project. If you have an idea, you need a design assessment…

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Using Keynote during your design process
March 24, 2014

Using keynote as an organizer for your thoughts during the design process: Create an outline or screen inventory towards the story…

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Always be ready to present
September 10, 2013

I think part of being a good designer is to constantly look back and analyze your habits: where or from whom…

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