New habit: try and read an interesting design article with lunch.  Site like, or have great conent, and are not always conventionally about design.

Came across this interview with James Victore yesterday. Points such as work is work – get it done and get out, and using traditional sketching methods were interesting. But what really resonated was his argument of Design vs. Organizing. In his context, I’m a terific Organizer. It’s what I do 90% of my professional career as a “designer”. I take information and “organize” it into a layout, or a webpage, or a hierarchy or a mindmap. All these things are byproduct of an idea and communicate efficiently. But how often am I truly stepping back and designing.

Great read:

Maybe another habit should be to blog more often….

Posted by:Brad Kaloupek

A successful design leader, Brad has worked with software companies and advertising agencies on both coasts. He believes good design has the ability to both solve business problems and have a positive impact on people's lives.

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