photo 2There are few breaks in life as a parent, but i’m currently enjoying a short one as Heidi & Naish are up North in the wilds of Minnesota. Since’s Naish birth, my home office (studio?) has become a dumping ground of bills, broken electronics, unread magazines, and anything else that comes along. While it’s gathered a very nice “patina” of artistic clutter, it’s also just becoming an unworkable, disorganized craphole. So much so, that my 5AM wake-ups to “work” usually just involve trying to find space to put a cup of coffee down.

my desk surface pre-clean up:photo 1

So given the opportunity, I flipped the bedrooms around and moved my office into Naish’s bedroom. I tried to catalog a bit of what I found:

One Giant box of glue(s)photo 4

Way too many vintage cameras from college:photo 2-1

photo 1-1

Embarrassing tech books to be recycledphoto 5-1


Lego fallingwater! photo 3-1

Two giant boxes of random wires in the closet. photo 3

and after digging out the bedroom, here was all the crap that doesn’t have a home yet…photo 4-1

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