I’ve been designing with inKind for a while now. Our office started a little bland, but as we drove towards product launch, the team and the office began to develop it’s own personality. Murder boards of wireframes, and a consistent hum of slack chatter.  Some of these things stuck in your head.

The posters also provided a lateral way of thinking about our new branding – prior to launch we’d introduced new fonts, iconography and colors to the platform. As a designer, it’s hard to continually grind on UI and look for cohesive visuals. The posters helped me explore the new brand elements and find harmonious little moments I could bring back into the application.

Regardless of their value, it’s a new habit for me this year. When I hear something said worth capturing, or read something foundational, I’m capturing it into a poster & putting that puppy up on the wall to stare back at us.

4-great-UX sit-back-and-iterate-posterKADD-values