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Insourcing & leading a creative team
September 3, 2014

We’ve had a brief pause lately to focus back on our team & what our strategy for growth is. The “design team”…

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Understanding the Financial Return of Design
July 28, 2014

I believe one of the hardest issues as a “designer” is proving that what you do has tangible value to a…

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Basecamp archeology
July 25, 2014

So we use basecamp A LOT or internal design communication, and cataloguing the random ideas that make life amazing. We use…

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Follow up on the “Agile Design” post
July 15, 2014

We re-posted a few thoughts I had on the Agile Design to our mothership blog on and it attracted some interesting comments…

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Digging out of my own artistic mess!
July 7, 2014

There are few breaks in life as a parent, but i’m currently enjoying a short one as Heidi & Naish are…

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Giant UX Conference recap: thinking about the “whole” user experience
June 17, 2014

Rolling through the final day of Giant UX conference here in Charleston as I began to think about what I’d take…

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What an Agile Design Process looks like
June 2, 2014

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought a lot about what an Agile Design process looks like. We practice it every…

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Using Keynote during your design process
March 24, 2014

Using keynote as an organizer for your thoughts during the design process: Create an outline or screen inventory towards the story…

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The career of a modern designer.
February 4, 2014

Sitting in a kick-off meeting, little tedious, sometimes steals your energy. Simultaneously reading email, IMing, listening to the client, giving feedback….

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Creating an “Architecture of Participation”
January 28, 2014

This past Thursday I was fortunate to hear Bill Taylor of Fast Company speak at the Charleston Chamber of Commerce annual…

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